Tomb Finance Post Mortem

  1. Migrate to new contracts, which we viewed as potentially catastrophic to the continued success of the project.
  2. Immediately remove the Gatekeeper Tax, which would have caused a sudden bank run similar to what we just experienced.
  1. We will release the first thing in the Roadmap when the bank run started, Tomb Vaults. The workings of the vaults will be covered in a separate Medium article in the next couple of days. What is to be noted now is that the 4.5% fee on profits from the vaults will go to the Tomb DAO fund, with no team allocation or anything else. So will the 0.1% withdrawal fee.
  2. The Development team will begin working on a new project with more information to be released in the next 3 weeks. As it stands, we intend to move away from a seigniorage model stablecoin. We will explore how this can be favorable to Tomb users and benefit from this new project. The biggest release we had for September will most likely be migrated to the new project. We are exploring how any revenue from this can also benefit those mentioned above.



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